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Personal Consulting

Dr. Krystine Mottram offers personal consulting for athletes of all levels looking to improve their mental fitness, resilience, coping strategies particularly tailored to the context of sport.

One-to-one sessions are also available for coaches, partners, and parents of athletes to learn ways to best understand and support loved ones through sporting triumphs and adversities whilst also maintaining their own personal wellbeing.

Dr Krystine has a very caring, empathetic, passionate and strategic approach to training the mind to best support the athletes and their support crew in the pursuit of personal excellence.

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 Wellbeing Programs

Available for the individual, groups and customizable for every organisation.

Offered in face-to-face, online, and Telehealth.


(Performance Stress & Anxiety Workshop for Athletes)

Stress and anxiety effects everyone! Yet, knowing how to recognise and release stress and anxiety is what sets people apart. This workshop focuses on self regulating strategies to conquer stress and anxiety within the context of sport.

  • Link between, brain, wellbeing, and performance.
  • Understanding the effect of stress and anxiety on the nervous system.
  • Recognising Anxious states in the body.
  • Conquering Performance Related Anxiety.
  • Brain training strategies to manage stress and anxiety.
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Athletes are introduced to the foundations of goal setting and taught strategies that have been shown to promote successful goal progression and attainment!


  • The importance of setting goals
  • Understanding the successful steps of goal-setting
  • Managing Barriers to achieving goals
  • Motivation (Intrinsic vs extrinsic)
  • Setting realistic self-expectations in relation to goals
  • Becoming a self-motivator
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(Wellbeing for Retiring Elite Athletes)

Ending an elite sporting career can be fraught with a sense of loss and confusion as well as a time to redirect and reinvent your 'self'. Be supported through this transition in your life with understanding and care to make a smooth redirection to finding your ‘new’ elite self.

  • Deciding to redirect your sporting career
  • Dealing with the redirection circumstances (forced vs. choice)
  • Coping with loss of sporting identity and purpose
  • Redirection and my family/friends
  • Who am I now? (the person behind the athlete)
  • New direction-New purpose (Strategies for embracing life after sport)
  • The wellbeing effect of 'giving back'. 
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(Principals of Athlete Wellbeing for Coach/Sports Facilitators)

Coaches have a unique ability to alter athletes’ resilience in sport and life! This seminar provides coaches with the knowledge and know how to train an athlete’s mind to be well and be elite. Coaches will be taught about the key elements empirically shown to impact on athlete wellbeing and drive performance, providing an abundance of strategies to add to their coaching repertoire:


  • Link between, brain, wellbeing, and performance
  • Introduction to Athlete Psychological Needs Framework
  • Athlete anxiety intervention and management strategies
  • Brain training strategies to create and maintain enhanced athlete wellbeing
  • Resilience building skills and strategies effective in the sport context
  • Key coaching styles and their impact on athlete wellbeing
  • Coach created environment
  • Emphasis on importance and strategies related to the maintenance of coach/ sports facilitator wellbeing.
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 (Wellbeing for Injured Athletes)

Recovering from physical is the ultimate mind game! Learn to win the challenge of mentally managing the setbacks, stress and anxiety associated with injury to ensure that your comeback is one of great physical and emotional strength! This program targets key processes and strategies empirically shown to increase an athlete’s abilities to cope, build resilience, and restore confidence when injured, including:


  • Processing the trauma of injury using a combination of positive neuroplasticity and expressive therapy techniques.
  • Gaining perspective by cognitively refocusing mental energy rather than being caught up in dread.
  • Setting realistic goals and expectations of self and others in the recovery/comeback process.
  • Managing the effect of injury on the nervous system to minimize further stress on the recovering body and mind.
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(For Coaches and Facilitators working with Injured Athletes)

Facilitating the recovering process will no doubt look different for each athlete. However, there are key techniques that can assist in emotionally and mentally supporting injured athletes alike. This program teaches facilitators ways to adopt a mindful approach to supporting, communicating and positively contributing  to an athletes recovery when injured, including:

  • Understanding your crucial role for an athlete's recovery.
  • Ways to acknowledge, aid and nurture injured athletes in your work with them.
  • Words, ways and wisdom- the important W's that you need to avoid and know to help an athlete to do the 'work'.
  • Facilitators are also introduced to all points covered in RecoverWell- Athletes Version.
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(Wellbeing for Athletes in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic)

An immunisation for the mind! Arm yourself with a wide range of coping strategies to maintain your wellbeing during the pandemic and propel yourself forward in the return to sport and your personal pursuit in athletic success. The Covid pandemic has created life changing and challenging circumstances. Yet, allows for a unique opportunity to bolster coping skill set with an allowance of greater space and time without competition. Re-emerge from lockdown and restrictions with an unlocked confidence in your ability to cope through adversity and an unrestricted strength from increased mental fitness! Some key points covered include:

  • The processes involved in acceptance and reworking your mindset
  • Understanding the workings of the brain amid uncertainty, stress and anxiety
  • Taking inventory of current coping skills
  • Learning and adopting new strategies with a focus on positive neuroplasticity techniques.



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(Wellbeing for Parents of Athletes)

Just like physical fitness, parental fitness is something we can strengthen. This program targets parents of adolescent athletes to immerse themselves in the teaching of mindful parenting and provides insightful and practical ways to parent, specific to the context of sport, supported by empirical research.  The program covers a range of topics, some of which include:

  • Become informed on the working of the adolescent brain to understand the structural changes influencing your child behaviour.
  • Recognising when to help and to step back
  • Key strategies that create open lines of communication and avoid conflict
  • Supporting your child during adversity in sport.
  • Creating cohesiveness between your child, your child’s coach and yourself.
  • Coping strategies for your child's wellbeing
  • The importance of maintaining your own wellbeing and the message this gives to your child about the importance of self-care.
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