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“Our passion is seeing people be the best they can be.”

Personal Consulting

Dr. Krystine Mottram is passionate about providing empathetic and strategic personalised care in her consulting to support you in achieving better wellbeing. Based on her extensive knowledge and experience, Krystine will develop a personalised action plan to provide support, motivation and strategies, integral to achieving your goals and most of all your happiness.

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Group Workshops and Seminars


(Stress management for all)

Stress... The good, the bad and the ugly. Learn how to stress well so that it works for you and not against you.

  • Impact of Stress
  • Stress management - (situational vs. chronic)
  • Recognising triggers of stress
  • Initiating coping strategies


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(Goal-setting and attainment)

Gain greater understanding of how you can achieve well to unleash your elite self.

  • Goal-setting
  • Barrier breaking
  • Becoming a self-motivator
  • Mid-goal crisis (procrastination)
  • Rollover effect (reaping the benefits of achieving your goal)
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(Wellbeing for Couples)

Relationships are just like cars and sport… we need to service them and train hard in order to keep them running optimally. Invest and connect with one another in our session aimed to create, enhance and maintain a strong partnership:

  • Importance of relationships to wellbeing
  • Strategies for reconnecting and staying connected with your partner
  • Techniques to overcome sources of relationship tension
  • How to communicate in a realistic way
  • Acknowledging shifts in relationship
  • Building bridges for an evolving relationship
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(Wellbeing For New Parents)

Parenthood…WOW! It is both wonderfully joyous and remarkably scary…all at the same time. Become informed and empowered to embrace your role as a parent, regain your identity, find your humour and be well.

  • Preparing and embracing your role as a parent
  • Parenting styles
  • Strategies for team parenting
  • Navigating the ‘information overload’ about newborn behaviour and schedules.
  • Baby sleep and settling strategies



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(Wellbeing for Superheroes!)

Motherhood can be overwhelmingly beautiful and challenging, sometimes all at once. Be comforted, supported and gain the knowledge and tools to help you mother your child and maintain your own wellbeing:

  • Remembering the person behind the mother
  • Mother knows best (Learning to trust your gut)
  • Building support systems
  • Common challenges and strategies to help (PND, Anxiety, sleep deprivation, work-baby balance, mother-guilt)



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(Wellbeing for Superdads)

Fatherhood may just be the most confusing experience for many men. Yes, you are supposed to help. Yes you are probably told you are doing it all wrong. Yes, we can give you some answers and teach you some common tricks of the trade to help you understand and embrace your role as a father and to be a supportive, helpful partner.

  • Work/wife/baby balance (Modern Age Father)
  • Techniques for bonding with your baby
  • Understanding and helping your partner
  • Fitting your personal goals into family life
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