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Increase wellbeing, productivity and happiness amongst your workers by providing the opportunity for your employees to be physically and mentally trained with elitewellbeing.


Wellbeing and Training Programs

We specialise in event specific, annual plans and tailored training and wellbeing programs in workplaces.

Four-time Olympian, Craig Mottram provides workplace training programs and coaching sessions to shape up any group of employees to increased fitness and improved team dynamic.

Enhance the wellbeing of your employees by creating life-long skills of coping in the context of the workplace and all facets of life by educating your employees with Dr Krystine Mottram’s workplace wellbeing presentations and workshops. Common topics of interest include:

  • The power of the brain 
  • Mechanisms of motivations
  • Management of stress
  • Mindfulness
  • Exploration of personality types
  • Communication styles
  • Goal-setting 
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"Krystine and Craig, spend the time to truly understand their customers. They delivered a custom well-being program that exceeded our expectations and incited real change within our business. They have a genuine passion for well-being and a unique ability to connect with their audience. Highly recommended!" 

Christina Garner 
People and Performance Consultant

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